Saturday, July 2, 2011

Connect Vmware VM 2 GNS3 Lab

1. Select network adapter "Host only" to your Virtual machine in Vmware 
2. Check from Windows Network connections how this network adapter (vmnet1) is named.
3. Add cloud to your workspace in GNS3
4. Configure cloud and select the network adapter you just checked from Windows Network connections menu.

  • Right Click cloud and select Configure
  • Select your cloud C0
  • Select NIO Ethernet
  • Select Generic Ethernet NIO
  • Select appropriate adapter from drop-down menu and press Add button

5. Connect cloud to your topology. (For example to router)
6. Assing IP addresses from same subnet to the Virtual Machine and to emulated router in GNS3.
7. Ping between router and virtual machine should be successful.

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